Summary ...

Born in the nothern part of Jutland, in a family with great passion for art, has resulted in my  interes, engagement and participation in different ways in the world of art.

I was educated as a teacher from Roskilde University/Zahles Seminarium, Copenhagen, and specialized in art. Over the years, I have added knowledge by attending lots of courses:

Teachers High School in Copenhagen,  Aarhus Academy of Art,  Holbæk Slot Ladegård - School of Art.  Masterclass I +II in Art 2014 +15. Nordkraft. Aalborg.  Invited and takeing part in the book of Art "101 Artists", being published 1. Oct. 2017.

Also studying History of Art has been an important thing in my life. In this connection I got a scholarship for a trip to Rome some years ago.

For 14 years I was the head and curator in Gallery Aalborghallen - I opend the gallery and closed it, to be a full time artist. For many years, I have been a member of different art committees.

Today, I am employed full time painting. My motif are from nature  - but mostly from towns where the inspirational angle is just to walk down streets, looking at houses, find the backyards with oblique angles, the perspective, colours and contrasts of light. No particular towns or places, just where you are passing by. Many of my paintings are made of the blue palette.

For some years I have used my computer as a tool makeing drawings and adapting my photos. Both things are printed in only one copy by a professional compositor of art.

Working in clay has again become a way to express myself as an artist. This as a suplement to my paintings.

I have many one-man exhibitions all over the country, and once or twice in a year I have exhibitions together with groups.

For 11 years I have been - and I am still - in charge of a small gallery in the charming Dragør, nearby Copenhagen. Here I exhibit other artists´works - and once a year my own art-works.

I hope you now have an impression of who I am, and what I´m doing as an artist.

Please, take your time to visit my website to se my paintings - or you are welcome to visit my atelier.